Walk among the Orange orchard

We are very proud of our Agrumeti.

For this reason we offer our guests the opportunity to walk freely in the entire property and immerse themselves in the scent of zagare and, when the weather allows it, pick them directly from the trees and savor them!

The Sardinian word for citrus fruit is giadrinus (gardens) .

So the garden of our guests is the entire estate .

You can swing in the hammock under a lush clementine tree.

Or read or meditate on the panoramic terrace among the large cypress trees.

Or walk along the eucalyptus trees looking for wild asparagus.

You can jog through the rows of oranges or stand at the edges of the water lily pond .

But also simply lying on the grass and watching the clouds or watching the many birds that nest in this paradise.

This is the unique experience of the L&L Country!  #l&lcountryexperience

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